Jspec Systems for Wrangler JL [Diesel]


JKS New Product Announcement: JSPEC 3.5" J-Konnect Suspension Systems Now Available

Coldwater, MI — Upgrade your four door 2018-2020 Wrangler JL with a JKS J-Rated suspension system. These complete, bolt-on kits are custom-engineered to provide the right clearance, ride quality, articulation and performance for your driving style. Features and specs are tailored to suit different types of terrain. JKS makes it easy to choose the right system with our Terrain Scale. Systems are available with heavy duty coil springs and shock absorbers as well as FOX adjustable coil-overs. Additional features include dual rate springs, quick disconnect sway bar links and adjustable front track bars come with every J-Rated suspension system.

JKS is now offering several JL diesel specific JSPEC lift systems designed specifically for the 2020-2021 Jeep Wrangler JL 2Dr and 4Dr models with the factory diesel powerplant. These systems have been engineered for improved performance on and off-road with special dual rate coil springs catered to the heavier diesel engine to ensure you get the on road handling and comfort while taking off-road capability up a few notches based on JKS's J-Rated terrain scale. Available systems for the diesel JL Wranglers include:

 J-Venture Systems: Available in 2.5" and 3.5" lift heights, the J-Venture suspension system is the baseline that all J-Rated systems are built from. Designed for equal parts on-road handling and off-road capability, these J-Venture systems have been engineered to include all of the essentials without over-complicating the system. From high quality dual rate coil springs to specially valved gas shocks, the JKS adjustable track bar and the quicker disconnects and more, these J-Venture systems offer more performance from you Jeep Wrangler. Get out and explore with J-Venture.


J-Kontrol Systems: Available in 2.5" and 3.5" lift heights, the J-Kontrol systems build on the standard J-Venture systems adding in front control arm correction brackets. These brackets further enhance the on-road handling by flattening out the control arm to more closely mimic factory angles while correcting caster. Combined with the dual rate coil springs, specially valved gas shocks, adjustable track bar, quicker disconnects and more these systems are very solid for the daily driver or beach cruiser, that is not afraid to get out on the trail and mix it up. Take control with J-Kontrol.


J-Konnect Systems: Stepping up to the J-Konnect, this 3.5" systems builds off of the J-Venture systems designed for equal parts on-road handling and off-road capability adding fixed length front and rear J-Link lower control arms for added strength and performance. These lower control arms not only add front caster and rear wheelbase, they are a serious upgrade to the strength over the factory control arms. Built 2” x .250-wall DOM tubing while offering better NVH isolation with large factory style rubber bushings at both ends. These combined with the dual-rate coil springs, specially valved gas shocks, adjustable track bar, quicker disconnects and more offer improved trail performance and strength while catering to on-road handling needs. Get connected with J-Konnect.


J-Krawl Systems: Taking your Jeep to the next level, 3.5" J-Krawl systems build off of the base J-Venture systems upgrading off-road capability and trail performance. These systems build off Jeep’s factory suspension mounting points and upgrades to front and rear, upper and lower J-Flex adjustable control arms for maximum articulation along with more strength for trails and rock crawling brawn along with adjustability to dial in front caster, rear pinion and overall vehicle wheelbase. In addition to these (8) high strength adjustable control arms, the J-Krawl systems feature dual rate coil springs, specially designed FOX 2.0 IFP shocks to maximize travel, adjustable track bar, quicker disconnects and more offer take your Jeeps trail performance and strength to the next level. It should be noted that an aftermarket front driveshaft is strongly recommended due to additional travel capable.




JSPEC Suspension Systems for Diesel Jeep JL 2Dr/4Dr


Wrangler JL 2Dr Diesel:

JSPEC164KFP - 3" J-Konnect System
JSPEC165KFP - 3" J-Venture System
JSPEC167KFP - 3" J-Kontrol System
JSPEC168KFP - 3" J-Krawl System

Wrangler JL 4Dr Diesel:
JSPEC158K/FP - 3.5" J-Venture System
JSPEC159K/FP - 3.5" J-Konnect System
JSPEC160K/FP - 3.5" J-Kontrol System
JSPEC161K - 3.5" J-Krawl System
JSPEC162K/FP - 2.5" J-Venture System
JSPEC163K/FP - 2.5" J-Konnect System
JSPEC166K/FP - 2.5" J-Kontrol System
JSPEC169KFP - 2.5" J-Krawl System


Available Accessories

FOX98524173 - 18-ON Jeep JL Steering Stabilizer, PS, 2.0, IFP, 7.43"
FOX98502127 - 18-ON Jeep JL, TS Stabilizer, PS, 2.0, 8.2”, Axle Mount
FOX98302148 - 18-ON Jeep JL ATS Stabilizer, 8.1" travel, 23.2" Extended, Through-Shaft, Axle Mount
PWT3571-JL - 2018-2021 Jeep JL Flashcal F5



2020-2021 Jeep Wrangler (JL) 2Dr/4Dr Diesel

Kit Features

    • Dual rate coil springs designed for the additional weight of the diesel engine
    • Front/Rear Dual Rate Coil Springs (standard or HD) designed to great ride quality across any terrain.
    • Front/Rear Gas Shocks (JSPEC, FOX 2.0 Performance Series) specifically valved for this suspension system for improved performance on and off-road.
  • Front Adjustable Track Bar and Rear Track Bar Bracket to correct axle positioning under vehicle.
  • Front Sway Bar Quicker Disconnects and Rear Sway Bar Links for increased off-road articulation.
  • Front/Rear Bump Stop Extensions to properly limit suspension up travel.
  • Front Control Arm Correction Brackets to flatten upper/lower control arm angles to correct caster and improve handling.

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