JKS Service Packs | New Product Announcement

JKS New Product Announcement: JKS Service Packs

Coldwater, MI — Even the best offroad accessories need some love over time. JKS products are designed to withstand trail abuse and even the daily commute, but as with any components made for flexibility and performance they'll require periodic service and/or replacement over time. JKS makes this even easier with a number of service packs designed for you to quickly source the parts needed to keep your Jeep running in tip top shape. 

New JKS Service Packs

JKS7001 – TJ/XJ/ZJ/WJ/JK J-Flex Front LCA Bushing Kit
JKS7002 – J-Flex Front UCA Bushing Kit
JKS7003 – TJ/XJ/ZJ/MJ J-Link LCA Bushing Kit
JKS7004 – TJ/ZJ J-Flex Rear UCA Bushing Kit
JKS7005 – JK/JL J-Flex Rear UCA Bushing Kit
JKS7006 – JL/JT J-Flex Front LCA Bushing Kit
JKS7007 – JL/JT J-Link Front LCA Bushing Kit
JKS7102 – TJ/XJ/ZJ Quicker Disconnect Service Kit
JKS7103 – JK Quicker Disconnect Service Kit
JKS7104 – JL/JT Quicker Disconnect Service Kit
JKS7105 – JK Flex Connect Service Kit
JKS7106 – TJ Rear Sway Bar Bushing Kit
JKS7107 – JK/JL Rear Sway Bar Link Service Kit
JKS7108 – CJ/YJ/WJ Quicker Disconnect Service Kit
JKS7109 – CJ/YJ Quick Disconnect Service Kit
JKS7110 – Quicker Disconnect Stud Kit
JKS7111 – Quicker Disconnect Clips 4pkJKS7201 – JK HD Track Bar Service Kit
JKS7202 – Track Bar Bushing Kit
JKS7203 – JK/JL Track Bar Service Kit
JKS7204 – WJ HD Track Bar Service Kit
JKS7205 – ZJ Rear Track Bar Service Kit
JKS7206 – TJ/XJ/ZJ HD Front Track Bar Service Kit
JKS7207 – TJ/XJ/ZJ Front Track Bar Service Kit
JKS7208 – TJ Rear Track Bar Service Kit
JKS7301 – Tailgate License Plate Light

Existing JKS Service Packs

JKS1910 – Dealer Master Service Pack
JKS1901 – Lg Flex Joint Service Pack
JKS1903 – Sm Flex Joint Service Pack
JKS1904 – Quicker Disconnect Clips 4pk


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About JKS: Since 1989, JKS Manufacturing has developed some of the most widely used and respected products for Jeep vehicles in the off-road industry. From the original Quick Disconnect™ brand of quick-release swaybar disconnect systems, to the innovative ACOS Pro™ variable height coil spring spacer with integrated bump shock, JKS® only manufactures products that provide unquestionable benefits to vehicle performance. It's no coincidence that those who know Jeep performance best choose JKS products for their own vehicles.

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