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At JKS, we're always developing cool new products for Jeeps to help you make the most out of your driving experience, on and off-road. From CJs to JTs, and bumper to bumper, we have you covered.

Three decades ago, JKS introduced the original “Quick Disconnect™” brand of quick-release sway bar disconnects. Since then, the JKS product range has expanded to include such favorites as ACOS™ height-adjustable coil spring spacers, and our latest creation: The J-Rated™ Terrain Scale – A visual tool that helps you choose the right suspension system for your Jeep’s specs and your driving style.

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Quicker Disconnect Sway Bar Links | 2.5"-6.0" Lift | Wrangler JK
  • $176.95
Brand: JKS
SKU: JKS2034

2.5" Lift Kit | J-Venture | Wrangler JK 4-Door
  • From $1,101.70
Brand: JKS

LP6 Pro LED Light Pod (Spot, Clear)
  • $474.95
Brand: Baja Designs
SKU: BJD270001

3" Lift Kit | J-Venture | Gladiator JT
  • From $1,189.65
Brand: JKS

Front Adjustable Track Bar | Wrangler JK
  • $223.95
Brand: JKS

S2 Pro Black Flush Mount LED Light Pod Reverse Kit (Work/Scene, Clear)
  • $441.95
Brand: Baja Designs
SKU: BJD487808

2" Lift Kit | 1997-2006 Wrangler TJ & LJ
  • From $1,011.70
Brand: JKS

S8 Straight LED Light Bar (20 Inch, Driving/Combo, Clear)
  • $579.00
Brand: Baja Designs
SKU: BJD702003

Front Adjustable Coil Spacer | ACOS | Wrangler TJ & LJ, Cherokee XJ, Comanche MJ, Grand Cherokee ZJ
  • $276.95
Brand: JKS
SKU: JKS2200

3.5" Lift Kit | J-Krawl | Wrangler JL 4-Door
  • From $2,834.45
Brand: JKS

Squadron Sport Black LED Light Pod Pair (Driving/Combo, Clear)
  • $249.95
Brand: Baja Designs
SKU: BJD557803

Squadron SAE LED Light Pod Pair (SAE Fog, Amber)
  • $349.95
Brand: Baja Designs
SKU: BJD257811

Blaze Rear Bumper | Ford Bronco
  • From $1,099.98
Brand: CrawlTek