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Shocks and Coil-overs

JKS offers a wide range of Jeep-specific JSPEC and FOX shock absorbers and coil-overs to match your intended terrain use, driving style, and budget.

Also known as dampers, proper shock absorber design and valving are critical elements of high-performance Jeep suspension. Installing a suspension lift to accommodate larger wheels and tires requires longer shock absorbers or coil-overs. Mismatched shocks could destroy themselves by bottoming out or topping out due to improper travel. JKS understands shock travel and motion ratio as well as proper mounting.

Damper valving is equally critical. The JKS R and D team custom-tailors shock absorber valving to suit a number of variables including the increased “unsprung” weight of larger wheels and tires as well as the demands of off-road driving. On-road ride quality is equally important for the best possible driving experience.

All JKS and FOX shocks and coil-overs are made in the USA. Steel Body Shocks: JKS JSPEC shocks and FOX Adventure Series shocks | Aluminum Body Shocks: FOX 2.0 IFP Performance Series Shocks, FOX Performance Elite Shocks, FOX Factory Race Shocks.

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Shock Extension Bracket Kit | Gladiator JT
  • $109.95
Brand: JKS
SKU: JKS9615

Rear Shock Extension Brackets | Gladiator JT
  • $49.95
Brand: JKS
SKU: JKS9617

Front Shock Extension Brackets | Wrangler JL and Gladiator JT
  • $60.95
Brand: JKS
SKU: JKS9611

Shock Extension Brackets | Wrangler JL
  • $131.95
Brand: JKS
SKU: JKS9612

Shock Extension Brackets | Gladiator Mojave
  • $109.95
Brand: JKS
SKU: JKS9613

Rear Shock Extension Brackets | Wrangler JL
  • $70.95
Brand: JKS
SKU: JKS9616