One Epic Adventure: JKS Rep tackles Moab and the Rubicon

Moab, Utah is a magical place. This destination is world renowned for its incredible red rock landscape, its rich history and its abundance of trails and other recreational activities. For many on the JKS crew its right up there with our favorite places to visit each year. Over the years, however, Moab has been under attack as more and more land is getting closed to recreational use. With that JKS rep Carter wanted to plan out a trip for Moab and check it out in the summertime away from any trade show events and take the opportunity to be tour guide for his parents who have only even seen it online and watching their son’s social media feed during Eastern Jeep Safari.

For part 1, Carter and his parents make it out to Moab in the JKS Rubicon JLU. They kick things off with a tour of Arches National Park before heading over run Hell’s Revenge – the quintessential Moab trail. With a stop off to visit the Grandpa’s Garage, Tom Tom’s VW Graveyard and more this made for an exciting start to the 12-day adventure from Colorado to Moab to the Rubicon and back.

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With the trail fixes complete, Carter and his parents are back at it exploring Moab in Clifford, the JKS Jeep Wrangler JLU Rubicon. They met up with Charlene Bower of the Ladies Offroad Network to run Top of the World trail, jumped on a jet boat to race up and down the Colorado River, floated over Moab in a hot air balloon, checked out a few spots like Milt’s and Sunset Grill and wrapped it up with a run on the edge of Moab Rim trail for an action-packed week. From there they hit the road to drop off Carter’s parents at the airport and continue driving out towards the legendary Rubicon trail with a quick stop near the Bonneville Salt Flats.

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After scooping up Dylan at the Reno airport, the guys heading down to Tahoe to meet up at the trail head of the historic Rubicon Trail, also joined by Hurricane Hilary just passing through on its was up the west coast making for some wet-windy-stormy weather to tackle the terrain. This ride organized by FOX included a handful of FOX athletes including Jason Scherer, Vaughn Gittin Jr, Loren Healy, Erik Miller, Casey Currie, Jake Versey, and Mike Kim along with several others for a few days out on the trail with some camping at Rubicon Springs (joined by hungry family of black bears). The terrain was challenging, especially wet, but as the storm passed it made for some incredible views on the last day. This truly was an epic adventure and 2 destinations worth adding to your bucket list to check out.

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