1.5" Jspec Lift Kits | Wrangler JL

JKS adds a new 1.5" lift height to its lineup for the Wrangler JL 4Dr offering great on/offroad performance, lower center of gravity, many of the same great features as other Jspec lift kits and come standard with the FOX 2.5 Performance Series IFP shocks. These kits build off the J-Venture systems for impressive all-around capability with clearance for 33-35" tires.

1.5" Jspec Lift Systems:

This complete, bolt-on system includes matched Jspec dual-rate coil springs, front adjustable track bar, front sway bar quicker disconnects, bump stop extensions, caster plate alignment correction and your choice of Jspec or Fox shocks. On the street,these kits provide exceptional ride quality and handling. When the road ends, disconnect your sway bar end links for improved articulation. That makes these kits the perfect entry-level performance suspension system. Available as J-Venture or J-Konnect (includes front J-Link LCAs) is designed for equal parts on-road handling and off-road use with low maintenance in mind. Get out and explore with JKS.

Kit Features:

  • Front/rear dual rate coil springs designed to great ride quality across any terrain.
  • FOX 2.5 Performance Series IFP shocks specifically valved for this suspension system for improved performance on and off-road.
  • Front adjustable track bar and rear track bar bracket to correct axle positioning under the vehicle.
  • Front sway bar quicker disconnects and rear sway bar links for increased offroad articulation.
  • Front/rear bump stop extensions to properly limit suspension up travel.
  • J-Link front lower control arms (J-Konnect only) for added strength and caster control.

Available Kits:

JSPEC155PS – 1.5" J-Venture Lift Kit | FOX 2.5 PS Shocks                

JSPEC177PS – 1.5" J-Konnect Lift Kit | FOX 2.5 PS Shocks    


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