JKS on the road to SEMA 2015


It has been a busy couple months with the JKS team on the road weekly attending events from coast to coast, new product development, and the company continuing to grow to keep up with production demands. Come October, the final month leading up to the annual SEMA Show, the R&D team is busy getting into prep mode for the pinnacle event on our show schedule each year. Between building displays to showcase new products, overhauling new Jeeps with new suspension designs, bumpers, lighting, paint, and accessories to drive out and put on display and keeping up with the day-to-day operations the R&D team stays busy. The marketing team keeps busy coordinating all the sponsored Jeeps that will be on display, working on promotional materials, signage, organizing the booth, editing promotional videos and prepping the new catalogs to hand out. It's a company wide effort to keep the business running a full steam while up to 10 employees from various departments are out of the office working the booth.

This year JKS teamed up with sister companies BDS Suspension and Zone Offroad and in booth #30192 a 25×80′ monster of a booth in the south hall of the 2015 SEMA Show. The majority of our booth was shipped out in advance, but new product displays, promotional items and vehicles need to find their way out to Vegas. For the show this year JKS teamed up with our friends at Easter Truck & Accessories in Norflolk, VA to build the JKS Adventure Edition JK: a bad ass 2015 Wrangler unlimited outfitted with the latest JKS products. It features a 3.5" JSpsec suspension system, our brand new Flex Connect, ACOS Pro adjustable bump stops, our new Drag Link flip, upgraded Fox Remote Reservoir 2.0s shocks, JKS gussets and track bar braces, our rear coil bucket relocation kit and a full compliment of our J Axis rotating control arms. With a suspension like that you can't stand out at SEMA with a plain JK with a fancy suspension, so the JSpec Equipped Jeep was outfitted with cutting edge pieces from across the Jeep aftermarket. Some of the awesome gear the Adventure Edition JK is outfitted with includes a Sprintex Stage II supercharger with intercooler, JCR Crusader bumpers and Sliders, a Warn Zeon winch, an Owen's Products prototype hood, Trucklite LED headlights, PIAA LEDs and new LP 550 driving lamps, Yukon Gear 4.88 gears, Trail Ready Beadlocks and Faulken tire 37" Wilderness MTs. The factory top was replaced with Bestop's new Trek Top Pro. To finish it off was the wrap of all wraps: a topographical design designed by Sport Truck's marketing guru, Carter Reed and with the help of AG Wraps of Chesapeake, VA. The end result was a stunning, modern Jeep Wrangler that embodies the JK Wrangler's dual nature as a hardcore offroader that you can drive every day with the good looks to match.

While the Jeep is more than capable of the cross country journey, logistically it made more sense to team up with BDS's to tow the Jeep out west. After hauling the JK from Eastern's Virginia shop to our headquarters in Michigan, the trailer was hooked up behind BDS's brand new 2015 Chevy 2500HD Duramax that also had a date with SEMA. The bed was filled with new product displays and promotional items and the team headed West toward Vegas. Along the way we made a few stops, checked out the sights said hi to some old friends and stopped for 2 days in one of my favorite places, Moab, UT. We couldn't come so close to the red rock town and not put the rigs to the test. We put the JK through its paces out on Hell’s Revenge before grabbing BDS's Chevy HD tow rig to head to Behind the Rocks for some sunset wheeling. The following morning we watched the sunrise from atop the Golden Spike trail to check out the amazing views overlooking the town of Moab and Arches National Park. After 2 days of pressing our luck out on the trail with Jeep and tow rig, we pulled back into town, loaded up and hit the highway for the last leg of our haul out to Vegas. We pulled into Las Vegas Friday night and come Saturday we started the process of building the SEMA booth, getting vehicles cleaned up and preparing for the amazingly chaotic week of SEMA that runs Tuesday-Friday after Halloween each year. Check out all of the picture an videos below for a taste of SEMA, and as always Like us on Facebook, join us on Instagram and keep your eyes peeled on the website for more upcoming JKS product releases, JKS new and event coverage.

Happy Jeeping!


Eastern Truck and Accessories
JKS Jeep on trailer ready for SEMA
    JKS Unlimited Edition Jeep Front Left View