JKS Offers Next Level Performance with New FOX Shocks

JKS has built a reputation over the last 30+ years engineering high quality solutions for Jeep vehicles. What started with the original sway bar quick disconnect has evolved into a full line of Jeep suspension components as well as the Jspec series of complete suspension systems ready to transform your Jeep into a beast out on the trail while maintaining on road comfort and handling characteristics.

Within the current 6-tiers of lift packages (J-Venture, J-Kontrol, J-Konnect, J-Lander, J-Krawl and J-Max) each system has been rated around the J-Rated terrain scale with how it perform on a wide variety of terrains to help you choose the right kit based on your needs. The Wrangler JL and Gladiator JT systems have been offered with multiple shock options to cater to these performance needs including Jspec twin tube gas shocks, FOX Adventure Series 2.0 IFP (steel bodied) shocks and FOX Performance Series 2.0 IFP (aluminum bodied) shocks. The newest addition caters the next level performance of the FOX 2.5 Performance Elite Series shocks and FOX 3.0 Factory Race Series shocks for truly game changing capability out of your late model Jeep.



Starting off with the Performance Elite Series (PES), these FOX 2.5 shocks give you enhanced ride quality and the control you need when heading off the beaten path. They take their design from FOX's patented offroad race shock technology thoroughly perfected in brutal conditions well beyond the use and abuse most Jeep owners will ever put their vehicles through. The 2.5" impact extruded and CNC machined 6061-T6 aluminum bodies are hard anodized to resist corrosion while offering less weight and better heat dispersion than steel body shocks. End treatments and other components are black-anodized aluminum for striking contrast. Inside, extreme-duty hard-chromed, heat treated 7/8" steel shafts drive race-developed high-flow pistons and proprietary seals. The external remote reservoirs provide increased oil and nitrogen capacity for fade free operation plus hardcore appearance. These shocks can be matched to your personal driving style and Jeep’s specs through the dual speed compression (DSC) adjustment knobs to set high-speed and low speed compression damping. You’ll get improved ride quality and handling on road with exceptional control and reliability off-road. Performance Elite Series shocks are available in JKS's J-Venture, J-Kontrol, J-Konnect, J-Lander, and J-Krawl lift systems.




For the ultimate in performance, JKS and FOX have teamed up to offer the Factory Race Series (FRS) 3.0 Internal Bypass shocks as an option in key Jspec systems. These shocks deliver race-dominating, extreme-duty performance on all terrains. Designed for bolt-on installation, they feature a 3” diameter hard-anodized, aluminum-body 7/8” shafts, race-bred pistons and valving, PTFE-lined spherical bearings, proprietary racing oil and high-temp Viton® seals. Inside the shock body, position-sensitive internal bypass technology provides a plush, predictable ride during normal off-road driving conditions with the ability to ramp up damping force to counteract harsh bottom-outs or top-outs. The reservoirs feature a remote hose connection (front) and piggyback (rear) to the new recirculating bridges. Separate (DSC) high and low-speed compression adjustments help you fine tune performance to your exact driving style and vehicle specs. The reservoirs feature finned bodies to help dissipate heat and maintain optimal fluid temps. These next level FOX 3.0 Factory Race Series shocks are available in JKS J-Krawl lift systems.

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