JKS NPR: Adjustable Bump Stops

JKS Adds Adjustable Bump Stop Kits

JKS is now offering adjustable front and rear bump stop kits allowing you to dial in the proper bump stop engagement for your late model Jeep vehicle. This allows you to ensure proper bump stop engagement for tire engagement without unnecessarily limiting travel. The design uses stackable interlocking pucks for bump stop adjustments in 1/2" increments along with longer hardware options to work with any configuration. Adjustments can be made to 5 heights (2”, 2.5”, 3”, 3.5”, 4”) to work with most 2-6" lift kits. These bump stop extensions install easily and adjustments can be made with the coil springs still installed on the vehicle. These bump stops come standard in many Jspec Systems.


JKS1140 - Front Adjustable Bump Stop Kit (Jeep JL/JT)

JKS1149 - Rear Adjustable Bump Stop Kit (Jeep JL)


Since 1989, JKS Manufacturing has developed some of the most widely used and respected products for Jeep vehicles in the off-road industry. From the original Quick Disconnect™ brand of quick-release sway bar disconnect systems, to the innovative ACOS Pro™ variable height coil spring spacer with integrated bump shock, JKS® only manufactures products that provide unquestionable benefits to vehicle performance. It's no coincidence that those who know Jeep performance best choose JKS products for their own vehicles.

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JL/JT Front Bump Stop Kit


JL Rear Bump Stop Kit