JKS at Jeep Beach 2016


JKS had a great time at Jeep Beach!

This year, we partnered with Roco 4x4 from Miami, FL to offer a unique show special.

With the JSpec, JKontrol and brand new JKonnect system on display, we had tons of traffic.

Day two got off to a wet start

Knowing that weather was on the way Friday night we battened down the hatches and lowered the JKS Easy Up. Despite the effort the Easy Up took a beating. Luckily with some zip ties and duct tape, we got the booth put back together.

In the booth, we had two spotless JK Wrangler builds from Extreme Performance from Palm, FL on display, each sporting a custom JKontrol package by Extreme Performance.

The layout of the event changed this year, with most of the booths to the south of the Obstacle Course instead of it wrapping around. The same shenanigans on the obstacle course as usual, with Jeeps ranging from spray painted Liberty's and restored classics, to weird YJs on 22's with no shocks and JKs on 46" Baja Claws, it was a unique spectacle that you can only see in the great state of Florida.

More Jeep Beach Photos

From Left to right, top to bottom: Liberty Power! - Southern Vendor Row - Roco 4x4's JSpec Display got a good soaking and still sold every single JSpec kit! - Our friends from DC Strong with their two JSpec Equipped Cancer Response Units!