Jeep JT Gladiator J-Kontrol Suspension Lift Kit

Prep your Jeep JT Gladiator for the trail or street with a J-Kontrol™ suspension system. Building on the J-Venture series, this is a true bolt-on system that adds in front control arm correction brackets to flatten upper/lower control arm angles, plus a long list of upgraded components including Jspec dual-rate coil springs, your selection of Jspec or FOX shocks, an adjustable front track bar and rear track bar bracket to correct axle positioning under vehicle, quicker disconnect sway bar end links and front/rear bump stop extensions. The supplied control arm brackets work with your Jeep's stock control arms to correct caster and improve handling. J-Kontrol offers enhanced performance for daily driving, beach cruising, or regular trail use. 


Product Features and Benefits:

  • Front/rear dual rate coil springs designed to great ride quality across any terrain.
  • Front/rear gas shocks (Jspec twin tube, FOX 2.0 Performance Series, FOX 2.5 Performance Series, or FOX 2.5 Performance Elite) specifically valved for this suspension system for improved performance on and off-road.
  • Front adjustable track bar to correct axle positioning under the vehicle.
  • Front sway bar quicker disconnects and rear sway bar links for increased offroad articulation.
  • Front/rear bump stop extensions to properly limit suspension up travel.
  • Front control arm correction brackets to flatten upper/lower control arm angles to correct caster and improve handling.

Product Fitment:

  • This system will net 3” on Rubicon or 3.5” on non-Rubicon models, however final ride height is the same for all models.
  • Does NOT fit Diesel Models
  • Does NOT fit Mojave Models

J-Kontrol Gladiator Kit Listings:

JSPEC176KNS - Non-Mojave Kit w/ shock extension brackets

JSPEC176K - Kit w/ J-Spec Shocks

JSPEC176KFP - Kit w/ FOX 2.0 PS Shocks

JSPEC176PS - Kit w/ FOX 2.5 PS Shocks

JSPEC176PES - Kit w/ FOX 2.5 PES Shocks


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