From Red Rocks to Sandy Beaches, JKS Chubbs is on the Move

2022 event season is in full swing with Easter Jeep Safari in Moab, UT back-to-back with Jeep Beach in Daytona Beach, FL. These two springtime staple events seem to butt up to one another every couple of years making for a decision each year... head back home after EJS only to turn around a few days later to head to Florida OR knock the drive down from Moab to Daytona straight through and give yourself a few extra days on the warm sandy beaches of Florida. Well, we opted for the latter. After a flawless week in 4Low out wheeling, we aired up the tires, reconnected the sway bars, and took off en route to warmer climates in our 2018 Jeep JLU affectionately known as Chubbs. With 2000 or so odd miles ahead of us, we pounded the pavement and took off across the country.

To say we are impressed at the all-around capability, practicality, and adaptability of the Jeep Wrangler would be an understatement. With multiple cross-country road trips, hardcore trail rides from coast to coast, towing our show trailer, and oftentimes getting loaded to the gills with show gear this Jeep just flat out works.

It's given us a great opportunity to test and validate the soon-to-be-released JKS JL long arm system on a variety of terrains and situations along with allowing us to take advantage of the great ride from the FOX 2.5 performance elite shocks. The Dynatrac Dana 60 front and rear axles have proven to be more than capable, reliable, and painless upgrading from the stock Dana 30/44 axles. Turning the 40" Mickey Thompson tires on Dirty Life beadlocks has been a breeze regardless of air pressure thanks to the PSC big bore steering box with ram assist. The list really does go on and on, the styling and protection of Crawltek armor, a Warn winch for recovery, and Baja Designs lighting all do their part to make this Jeep outstanding to drive, regardless of conditions.

Now at surface value, Moab and Daytona couldn't be any more different, from hardcore rock trails to payment and sand beaches. Snow during our week in Moab to 80s and sunny in Daytona, and undoubtedly the build preferences of the Jeeps at each event varied greatly. #lightbarsbeforelockers #holyspeakers #angryeyes #bluetoothdriveshafts #jeeplife #chromewontgetyouhome

But beyond that its awesome to see the Jeep community strong and the diversity in how the Jeep is built, customized, and made unique to each owner. Jeeps speak to so many different people and in so many different ways. From those that love getting them dirty, bashing rocks and getting off the grid to those that keep 'em clean, load them up with speakers and lights to cruise the local car meets. We think that building your Jeep the way you want it, enjoying the people who share your passions, and celebrating the camaraderie, and the lifestyle is what is most important. It's simple - Go Jeepin'