Sway Bar Disconnect or Flex Connect | The Right Choice For Your Jeep


Sway Bar Disconnect or Flex Connect | The Right Choice For Your Jeep


When it comes to offroading, Sway Bar Disconnects are a time-honored tradition. They’re like a rite of passage. If you need to disconnect your sway bar end links, then you must be a serious Jeep nerd. While JKS Manufacturing did not invent the quick disconnect sway bar links, we did invent the Quicker Disconnect – A design that easily bolts onto your Jeep and makes off-road performance more obtainable. While often copied, JKS Quicker Disconnects are still the best solid sway bar end links you can buy for your Jeep. We’re proud of that design. At the same time, since we’re always looking for the next big idea.


JL Flex Connect system, compete with tuning springs, wrenches and storage brackets

Fast forward 25 years. What if your sway bar end links could provide better on road manners when connected? What if the links could be tuned to your driver preference? We answered those “what if’s” with the Flex Connect. Flex Connect allows the driver to tune how active the link is by swapping between 4 different sets of springs. Each set of springs offers progressively less resistance thereby allowing the end links to achieve their 3” of total travel quicker.

On the road: Much thought and engineering goes into shock absorber and springs tuning these days. Sway bars, with their solid end links, are factored into the tuning equation. A stock Jeep is expected to handle much like a regular car. When we turn corners and steer our way along winding roads, sway bars effectively increase spring rate to compensate for changing cornering loads. On Jeeps, they also have an impact on ride harshness – especially as modifications increase. Of course, as your Jeep progresses from stock to “Rock!”, articulation becomes more important than cornering speed. We can start to understand how Flex Connect benefits your daily commute. On the street, Flex Connects provide a bit of cushion to those sharp bumps and movements. With solid links on your Jeep, those sharp bumps and movements are exaggerated by the sway bars added spring rate. Your Jeep’s springs do not have time to react and provide the cushion we need. Flex Connect steps in and allows that fast action. You can tune the amount of added spring rate. You won’t win any Formula 1 races with your Jeep, but you will never cross a set of railroad tracks the same way again, we promise!

Inner workings of a Flex Connect

Off Road: Nothing is going to provide maximum articulation on your Jeep like disconnecting the sway bar. The issue is when you are on the trail or a ride that does not require all the flex your Jeep has, but the terrain and your comfort demands that you cannot ride connected. This is where the Flex Connect shines. Higher speed trails, sand dunes and even moderate rock trails are much more comfortable connected, but with the cushion the Flex Connect provides. It’s like a disconnect that stays connected. No matter if you are looking for on road or off road improvement, the Flex Connect has you covered. Simply install, and tune to your preference and enjoy the benefits.

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Available for JT, JL, JK, TJ, LJ, XJ and ZJ model Jeeps.