JSpec in South Korea!

Check out this great write up by Chung-Rok Do of Summer Drive in South Korea! In it he installs and tests a JSpec JKontrol 108k on a Wrangler Unlimited. If you're in South Korea and need to get your Jeep built get in touch with Summer Drive at: 302, Gaepo-ro 38-GIL 14, Gangnam-gu Seoul 135-962 Republic of Korea Tel: + 82-2-573-2247 Fax: + 82-2-6455-2247


Here we have the install translated to English. To read the full version in Korean CLICK HERE


This is how the JKS JSpec JKontrol kit arrives. It contains the basic components for a good lift: sway bar disconnects, sway bar, JKS's special coils, Fox Shoxs, and hardware plus the Advanced Geometry box kit. JKS was really ambitious with this awesome packaging.


This is how the JKS JSpec JKontrol kit arrives. It contains the basic components for a good lift: sway bar disconnects, sway bar, JKS's special coils, Fox Shoxs, and hardware plus the Advanced Geometry box kit. JKS was really ambitious with this awesome packaging.


Here is a closeup of the main box with JKS's legendary Quicker Disconnects and Track Bar visible. Also note the nice full color instruction book.

The spring box.


Here is the Advanced Geometry box kit. It consists of a drag link flip, control arm drop brackets and hardware. JKS obviously takes price in it's components. While the labor to install JKS's drag link is a lot less labor than other companies, this will set you back the majority of your labor.


Close up of the Quicker Disconnect, aluminum front bump stop and matching rear bumpstop.


Front Track Bar, rear track bar bracket and hardware box. This basis of any high end kit.


Close up of the front track bar bracket. Much stronger than other company's.


Control arm brackets. They fit the Jeep like a puzzle piece.


Even the springs are packaged carefully!


Now it's time to unpackage the kit.


The JSpec kit comes with Fox Evolution shocks with remote reserviors as and upgrade, not so different than other kits. What sets the Jspec kit apart are the components and quality coils.


Time to breakdown the Jeep! This is where you will find about 30% of the work.


 Use plenty of penetrating fluid for easy removal.


Loosen the tie rod and drag link.


Here is where the new drag link comes together.


Off with the old components! Adieu Terra Flex...


  Here is the new drag link flip sleeve.


 You center the bumpstop extension after drilling this hole.


Here are the new control arm drop brackets which consist of brackets which are boxed and welded together. No more jigsaw puzzle control arm brackets! These brackets are distinct from other manufacturer's.


  Very nice fit and finish.


Slim and strong with no interference.


Here is where you situate the new front track bar bracket.


The front trackbar bracket's construction is very simililar to the drop brackets; fully welded and nicely finished.


 The new bumpstops are a little taller for the high steer.


Installation of the spring, track bar bracket and new draglink.


The opposite side.


The long awaited Quicker Disconnects and hardware boxes...


...and brake line brackets.


 The components add a nice look to the vehicle.


  Set the links to length and inject with grease.


  Here is the spring compressed. Notice the JKS dual rate coil? Not a linear coil with more movement than a progressive rate coil.


See the new placement of the steering stabilizer?


 The front end is complete! On to the rear.


We decided to add a new rear track bar to the package.


Here is JKS's unique track bar bracket that is included in the kit. Not as massive as the AEV, but I've found it to come in contact with the coils. The JKS fastens nicely to the axle. If you want it to be stronger they offer a brace. 


Here is the drop brake line kit and rear sway bar link. This longer ball joint style link is not included in the kit. We went with it just to be sure.


 The new track bar bracket, track bar, coils and shocks.


This is a closeup of the rear track bar bracket and track bar, I really wanted the axle to be perfectly centered. Am I being too picky?


The nice black finish would look REALLY nice if the axle was clean!


 JKS offers this awesome jam nut tool to make the job easy.


All finished!


Time to put the stickers on! Good luck taming this Jeep!


We hit the trail as soon as the work was done!





Munhyeongsan is a short but pretty difficult course...



The J Kontrol kit turned this Jeep into an off road machine!!!


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