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Whether you call it Overlanding or Camping, adding weight to a Jeep can cause unforeseen handling and setup issues.

Building a complete system to stand up to off road abuse potentially hundreds of miles from assistance is also quite the task. Enter the J-Lander J-Rated suspension system. We designed this system to meet the demands of the overlanding crowd. OE style bushings that will last for years, greaseable joints where necessary,dual rate coil springs and high quality, US made components that simply work. Add to that ACOS for the rear, and you now have a great riding and performing system that will stay level when loaded down. This system requires at least 300lbs of additional weight be added to the rear of the vehicle to sit level.

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American Made

Made in USA

There’s a lot of competition in the Jeep suspension market and while many of our competitors have cut corners and transitioned to overseas manufacturing, we remain committed to sourcing materials, manufacturing and assembling every JKS component and J-Rated™ System right here in the USA.