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JKS Newsletter Winter 2015 Edition 2015 was a huge year for JKS Manufacturing! From dozens of new products hitting the market to special events around the country, the brand is expanding and we're excited for the future. Just a few of the highlights from 2015 include new Jspec Suspension Systems, the Flex Connect swaybar, 3 new control arms, attending JK Experience, Jeepers Jamboree, Easter Jeep Safari and SEMA. 


J Spec Suspension Systems: July marked a year since the release of our JSpec suspension line. JKS added the J Kontrol system to the JK line up, bringing JKS’s knowledge of all things off road to urban maneuvers, as well as the first of the TJ J Spec suspension systems that will take the TJ to a new level of on road and off road capability. Rounding things out were our Advanced Geometry kit and draglink flip for the JK for Jeepers wanting to add J Spec geometry to other brand’s suspensions. 2016 promises more JSpec packages for the JK, as well as new offerings for the TJ and other platforms!

  Flex Connect Flex Connect Swaybar Link System: 2015 saw the unveiling of JKS’s game changing Flex Connect system. This tunable sway bar link does everything from smoothing out the your street ride by minimizing the shock loading of the sway bar, to acting as a bolt on replacement for an aftermarket sway bar! With multiple spring rates and tools available, the Flex Connect makes it easy for you to choose how you want your Jeep to handle on the street or perform in the dirt. 2016 will see new Flex Connect packages, and applications.  Stay tuned to see what else we have planned for the Flex Connect!
JKS Control Arms   JKS Control Arms: JKS took a look at the control arms for 4 link Jeeps, rereleasing new and improved versions of all three of it’s control arm variants: Our indestructible J-Link control correct castor and pinion angles while maintain the factory ride quality and simplicity of the factory rubber bushed control arms. The adjustable J-Flex control arms are JKS’s re-envisioning of the traditional adjustable control arm. With a forged flex joint on one end and OE rubber bushing on the other, the J-Flex arms allow you to fine tune you caster, pinion angle and axle placement and adds a good street ride, off road performance and rugged durability to you Jeep. The forged flex joint is our own design which allows for easy servicing, performance and durability that you don’t find in other flex joints. The J-Flex arm is a great choice for the off roader who wants the quality and performance you expect from JKS! The J-Axis control arm was rereleased for the JK, along with some minor changes for other applications. The J-Axis arms are a flagship product for JKS; they’re the ultimate high performance control arm for the daily driven Jeep. Both ends are rubber bushed for a premium feel on the road, but what makes a J-Axis arm unique is that arm itself rotates as the vehicle travels over obstacles. This is achieved with a finely threaded center shaft with a brass bushing and dual high durometer seals to keep it water tight and lubricated. This threaded center allows fine adjustments control arm length, but with no resistance as the arm deflects keeping wheel travel is smooth, consistent and instantaneous. Since this is no limitation to the rotation this gives you access to 100% of the flex the rest of your suspension will allow. There is no jam nut to set, you just adjust the arm to length and bolt it in!
JKS 2Door JK Events from Coast to Coast: 2015 was a big year for events! Our 2Door JK continues to prove itself out on the trail, despite the modest 37'' tires in a see of 40s. JKS started out the year climbing the rocks in Moab at Easter Jeep Safari. We brought JP Freek Adventure Magazine along at the Jeep Jamboree in Big Bear, tackled the Rubicon Trail with Nitto Tire at the 63 rdannual Jeepers Jamboree and finished off with a wild adventure through the Rockies with JK Experience West Coast!

Throughout the year we attended dozens of open houses and Jeeps shows across the country, including Jeep Beach, Bantam Jeep Festival, PA Jeeps, Overland Expo, Timber Crawl, All 4 Fun, Off Road Expo and of course, SEMA! 

What’s in store for JKS in 2016? The year will start with the refresh and repair of the JK-S two door, then it’s off to an early start, with off road events starting as early as mid January!!! Look for new J Spec variants for the JK and the expansion of the J Spec TJ/LJ line up as well as more Flex Connect versions and applications. Looking forward to seeing you in 2016! Happy Jeeping! 

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Drivtrain 5year 60K Mile Protection

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