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The Rubicon Trail is on the bucket list of every Jeeper and at JKS we wanted to make our first appearance on the Rubicon Trail a special one! We teamed up with Nitto Tire, who is sponsoring the event, to transport their film crew into to Rubicon springs, documenting our adventures along the way.

What better way to demonstrate the J Spec suspensions superiority than to drive to the trail, no trailers, take all the hard lines to pose for pictures and please the crowd, then drive back? As expected our J Spec equipped two-door JK performed flawlessly! The JK-S is equipped with nothing but JKS suspension components that you can buy straight off of our website or from your local JKS distributor with no custom fabrication and no racecar parts. It handled the Rubicon Trail just as well as it did the 5 free, all on 37” tires.

Want more JKS Rubicon action? Join JKS on Facebook and tag jksmfg on Instagram with #jspecequipped or #jksmfg and keep your eyes peeled for Nitto’s Driving Line Publication, Driving, as well as Nitto’s social media outlets for articles, videos and print coverage of the event.

Enjoy this video from our on board cameras!


Happy Jeeping!

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