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JSPEC™ Suspension Systems

2007-2016 Jeep Wrangler JK

  • JSPEC™ 2.5" & 3.5" Suspension Systems
  • JSPEC™ 3.5" J Kontrol Systems
  • JSPEC™ 3.5" J Konnect Systems

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More About JSPEC™ Suspension Systems

JSPEC™ Suspension Systems | 2007-2016 Jeep® Wrangler JK (2DR/4DR)

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2.5” & 3.5” JSPEC™ Suspension Systems

JSPEC™ Suspension packages are the ultimate dual purpose suspension system for a JK owner who wants to build a daily driven, weekend wheeled JK Wrangler. No additional components are required to create a well-mannered Jeep that can handle the daily commute as well as it handles the trails. JSPEC™ suspension systems are also the perfect starting point for the off roader who wants to customize their JSpec Equipped JK Wrangler, with a modular design that can be upgraded with JKS control arms, brackets, steering upgrades, braces, gussets, and speed bumps, to tailor your Jeep’s performance to your needs. Choose from our most popular upgrades here, or dive deep into the JKS online catalog to build you JK into an off-road monster you can drive every day!

3.5” JSPEC™ J Kontrol Suspension Systems

The JSPEC™ JKontrol systems take the off road capable daily driver to the next level, bringing JKS’s off road expertise to urban maneuvers. The J Kontrol system contains JKS’s beefy control arm relocation brackets with an OEM style draglink flip kit for the ultimate combination of durability, road comfort and unrivalled street handling. We took the time to recreate the idea of a control arm bracket that not only flattens the front control arm angles and corrects alignment, but meets JKS high standards as a durable, high quality component that can take a beating off road. The draglink flip kit levels the draglink, completely eliminating any hint of bump steer and has a clean, easy installation with an OEM fit and finish. As with any JSPEC™ system, J Kontrol systems are fully customizable to meet your needs.

3.5” JSPEC™ J Konnect Suspension Systems

The JSPEC™ J Konnect 3.5” suspension system is for the JK Wrangler owner who wants it all; the culmination of our expertise in creating suspensions for the JK that accentuate the JK Wrangler’s strengths while addressing its weaknesses. By combining some of our best known off road ready upgrades with our popular daily driver friendly modifications, the J Konnect will transform your JK into the commuter that you aren’t afraid to wheel! This system includes our simple and nearly indestructible J Link control arms and our JSPEC™ specific front and rear track bar brace combination that assures your Jeep drives out of whatever it gets in to. Our draglink flip flattens the steering linkage and track bar, relieving pressure on the steering box associated with lifting a Jeep and eliminating bump steer. The J Konnect system is still the quickest, easiest installation of its kind, but does feature a couple of key components that require welding. Upgrades for the J Konnect include some of JKS’s well known, hardcore off road upgrades that require the expertise of an experienced installer.


JSPEC™ Suspension by JKS products deliver American Ingenuity and Workmanship to consumers without compromising performance or dependability. JSPEC™ Suspension by JKS are comprised of JKS Manufacturing components, the best and most trusted Jeep® accessories in the industry.

JKS Manufacturing is no stranger to Jeep® suspensions. With 25 years in the business, we have been engineering high qualityJeep® solutions since 1989 with the development of the original swaybar disconnect, a simple yet innovative solution to improving offroad capability by increasing wheel travel. Over the years the goal hasn't changed as JKS's team of engineers and enthusiasts continue to develop components to improve the performance and capability of Jeep® vehicles introducing some of the worlds most widely used and respected products. To this day, JKS components are being utilized throughout the industry as a top-quality supplementary solution to many of the inherent flaws with other suspension systems in the goal to improve the performance, handling, and offroad capability. The quality and adaptability have made JKS a premier choice among Jeep® owners.

The trial-and-error process of choosing individual components can be incredibly frustrating and far more expensive than selecting the right parts from the beginning. JKS Manufacturing set out to develop a full line of suspension systems, reinventing the idea of incomplete pieced together component kits and developing complete, easy to install systems. After many years of development, testing and fine-tuning, JKS Manufacturing is proud to announce the release of the JSPEC™ Suspension line, offering true dual purpose suspension solutions engineered to provide premium on road comfort with unrivaled offroad capability.

JSPEC™ Suspension launches with 2.5'' and 3.5'' systems designed specifically for 2007-2015 Jeep® Wrangler and Wrangler Unlimited JKs. Systems are ready to install right out of the box and feature detailed step-by-step instructions along with video tutorials to guide you through the process. Each package can be further customized to suit your individual performance requirements with optional accessories designed by JKS for JSPEC™. Every JSPEC™ Suspension package delivers exceptional value and is backed by American quality, workmanship and the JKS Lifetime Limited Warranty.

Each JSPEC™ Suspension system is designed with you in mind with top quality components working together in unison for exceptional performance on any terrain.

Specifically Jeep®

The JSPEC™ Suspension by JKS represents Jeep®-specific engineering at its best. With more than 60 years of combined experience centered around this iconic 4WD legend, our expert team of industry specialists understand the Jeep® lifestyle inside and out.

American Made

Made in USA

While many of our competitors are having their products produced overseas, we remain committed to manufacturing and assembling every JSPEC™ Suspension product here at home. When we say that JSPEC™ Suspension products are "Made in USA", that is exactly what we mean.

JSPEC™ System Features

  • Front and Rear Dual Rate Coils Springs
  • Fox 2.0 Series Gas Shocks
  • JKS Front Adjustable Trackbar
  • JKS Front Sway Bar Quicker Disconnects
  • JKS J-Link Control Arms
  • JKS Drag Link Flip + Front Track Bar Bracket
  • JKS Front Control Arm Relocation Brackets
  • Rear Track Bar Relocation Bracket
  • Front and Rear Bump Stop Extensions
  • Front Track Bar Support Gusset
  • Rear Track Bar Mount Brace
  • Front and Rear Brake Line Relocation
  • Superior Handling Both On And Offroad
  • FMVSS No. 126 Certified
  • Full Color Easy to Follow Instructions

JSPEC™ Suspension is Simply Superior


Right from the start, every JSPEC™ Suspension by JKS product is designed for trouble-free operation and dependable performance. We strive for elegant simplicity because unexpected complications can quickly turn any adventure into a disaster.


JSPEC™ Suspension by JKS products are always developed to enhance the Jeep® ownership experience. Our customers rely on their vehicles for so much more than off-road performance and we guarantee our products to excel in all environments.

Front and Rear Dual Rate Coil Springs

At the heart of any true Jeep® suspension system are properly designed coil springs. Not everyone uses their Jeep® for the same purposes, therefore you need a system that adapts to different terrains both on and offroad. By developing tuned sets of dual rate coils springs, JSPEC™ coils provide the best performance in any situation. Whether loaded down with gear for a weeklong expedition, running light for some rock-crawling fun or loaded with a few friends for a trip to the beach, JSPEC™ coils will provide the ride you want and the performance you need.

Fox 2.0 Adventure Series Gas Shocks Front and Rear Shocks

A great set of coil springs is useless unless you have a set of shocks to control them. When developing a shock to work in harmony with the JSPEC™ coil springs we went with the best, FOX. The Fox 2.0 Series gas shocks provide a quality ride and complete control no matter what terrain you tackle. The IFP (internal floating piston) design keeps the high-performance shock oil separated from the 200 psi nitrogen gas charge. This separation provided by the IFP eliminates oil aeration, to allow longer fade-free dampening performance. Paired with the set of JSPEC™ dual rate coil springs these shocks offer impressive performance and the adaptability to handle any terrain.

JKS Adjustable Front Track Bar

When you think of adjustable Jeep® track bars you think JKS. For years, Jeep® owners the world over have trusted JKS adjustable track bars for their strength, fit, function and durability. For those reasons it is a "no-brainer" that a JKS front adjustable track bar be an integral part of all JSPEC™ JK suspension systems. The JKS adjustable track bar dwarfs the factory unit using durometer specific rubber bushings at each end of the bar for smooth, quiet operation. The 1-1/4"-12 threaded adjustable end provides fine-tune adjustability and superior strength when combined with the 1-1/2" x 3/8" wall DOM tube, CNC formed track bar. Adding an adjustable track bar versus a relocation bracket also keeps the JKs steering angles in-phase to provide great handling and keep bump steer in check.

JKS Front Sway Bar Quicker Disconnects

The flag-ship JKS Manufacturing product is the Quicker Disconnect. JKS was the originator of the sway bar disconnect concept. That original concept was perfected with the Quicker Disconnect design which still remains the best sway bar disconnect on the market today. Adjustable length and greasable with JKS-exclusive poly-flex ball, high-misalignment ends, the Quicker Disconnect is everything you want in a sway bar disconnect. Stainless steel mounting studs provide an anchoring point for each end of the links and allow for easy removal and installation. For JK Rubicon owners, additional hardware is included to bolt the swaybar link and allow you to take advantage of the benefits of these links while retaining the function of your factory installed electronic disconnecting swaybar system.

Front and Rear Brake Line Relocation

How much can you say about brake line relocation? Well, it is a necessity anytime a JK is lifted much over 2", especially with longer travel shocks. In most kits on the market these items are an after-thought, but not in the JSPEC™ kits. The JKS brake line brackets included in the JK JSPEC™ suspension systems utilize the factory brake line mounting holes and locating tabs. This ensures that the brackets won't rotate and eventually come loose. The brackets were designed specifically to work with the shock lengths used with each JSPEC™ system. The result is just enough length at full axle droop with minimal modifications to the factory routing.

Rear Track Bar Bracket

As with the front suspension, the rear requires modification to the factory track bar setup to compensate for the new ride height. While the front gets a new track bar, the rear is adjusted with a track bar relocation bracket. The relocation bracket was chosen here for a several reasons. First, by raising the track bar mount position at the axle we flatten the track bar angle and make a slight adjustment to the roll-center height, which improves handling and body roll. Second, the new track bar relocation bracket doubles as a factory axle bracket brace. The factory rear axle track bar mount has been a known weak link since the JK was first built in 2007. By making the new relocation bracket out heavy-duty 3/16" steel and bracing directly to the axle tube, the factory bracket is reinforced and up to the task of handling the new lifted height of the JSPEC™ suspension system.

Front and Rear Bump Stop Extensions

The front and rear bump stop extensions, like brake line relocation brackets, are another component that usually doesn't get much attention with most lift "kits" on the market. The bump stop extensions in the JK JSPEC™ suspension systems were made specifically to maximize suspension travel while maintaining safe compression limits for both the coil springs and Fox 2.0 shocks. The front extensions are made from 2-3/4" billet aluminum while the rear extensions are made from heavy-wall steel rectangular tube. Both sets fasten directly to the axle and are made to hold up to the abuse your new JSPEC™ equipped JK is now built to handle.

Front Control Arm Relocation Brackets

JSPEC™ control arm relocation brackets reduce front control arm operating angles to allow the front suspension to more naturally roll over bumps and grooves in the road. Forces are better directed into the coil springs and shocks where they can be absorbed and controlled versus into the control arms and frame where they are felt more and create a less controlled handling feel (rough ride). The upper and lower control arm mounting holes are precisely positioned to provide the correct caster. On 2012-2016 JK models, the new geometry increases clearance between the front driveshaft and exhaust at full suspension droop also improving the front drive shaft CV joint operating angles through full wheel travel(All models). JSPEC™ control arm relocation brackets are made from heavy-duty 7GA steel and are fully boxed and welded for superior strength when compared to bolt together 2-piece designs. The brackets install inside the factory upper and lower control arm mounts with the factory hardware. The heavy boxed construction, fully gusseted lower mount and welded crush sleeves give you extra confidence both on and off road.

JKS Drag Link Flip + Front Track Bar Bracket

The JSPEC™ drag link flip flattens out the steering angles when combined with the lift heights of 2” and above providing better performing, more solid steering feel over the factory setup. The JSPEC™ drag link directly replaces the factory link and uses the factory adjusting collar and tie rod end at the pitman arm. This installation requires drilling out the steering arm tapered hole in the passenger’s side knuckle and installing a precision machined tapered insert. We even included a 7/8” step bit to make this process easy and not require the purchase of an expensive drill bit to complete the install. The new insert has a knurled outer surface and has a slight interference fit making it extremely strong and eliminates any possibility of play or loosening. The insert can also be reused in the opposite position if the Jeep ever needed to be returned to the original steering setup. To properly compliment the new steering angles provided by the drag link flip, a front track bar bracket is supplied. The new bracket mounts to the factory track bar axle mount. It not only adapts the factory mount for proper track bar angles, it also strengthens the factory setup by tying into the axle via a u-bolt setup integrated into the design. The new track bar location mimics the drag link angle perfectly and eliminates bump steer.

JKS J-Link Control Arms

  • Superior strength compared to OEM control arms and can be used with OEM upper control arms.
  • Formed to match the factory front arm profile, creating plenty of clearance for over-sized tires.
  • Made from 2" x 1/4" wall DOM tubing.
  • Premium Clevite® brand rubber bushings absorb noise and reduce vibrations for a quiet, comfortable ride.
  • Durable Powder Coat finish provides excellent protection from corrosion and debris.

JKS Front & Rear Track Bar Mount Support

Anybody who has spent trail time around a JK knows the track bar mounts may very well be the first weak link to give way under heavy off-road use. The addition of weld-on front and rear track bar gussets working together with the multi-mount-point JKS track bar relocation brackets makes the weak factory mounts nearly indestructible. Yes they are weld-on but that is the key to making them strong. Plus, it is easier to weld our gussets on in the shop versus trying to weld a broken factory bracket on the trail.