Jeep Xperience, Texas 2016

2016 Nitto Jeep Xperience, Texas Inspired by the JK Experience Series, this was the inaugural Jeep Xperience held at Hidden Falls Adventure Park in Marble Falls Texas!

Pete from JKS began the trek to Texas from Los Angeles the Wednesday before the event. All was smooth sailing until he found himself missing a brake caliper bolt in the middle of nowhere on the I40 west of Flagstaff, Az. Iraq War veteran Daniel Larios saw Pete stranded and came up with a creative solution to Pete's problems, getting him back on the road. See the full story here:

Jeep on the road to Texas

It was time to hit the afterburners to make up for lost time, but being so close Pete decided to try and hit Meteor Crater. As suspected it wasn't open and while he couldn't wait around, he got this awesome sunrise picture just outside of the park.

After visiting a distributor in Dallas, Pete finally landed in Marble Falls, TX late Friday night.

Jeep Xperience

Jeep Xperience is different than JK Experience in that it has more of a jamboree format. People from all walks of life sign up ahead of the event, and get to choose between mild, moderate, and extreme trails. There is a raffle, a small vendor show and of course, TONS off wheeling, all held within Hidden Falls Adventure Park.

JKS Tent at Jeep Xperience

Hidden Falls Adventure Park

JKS Jeep deep in river JKS Jeep climbing up the steps

Hidden Falls Adventure Park is a privately owned, beautiful and immaculately maintained off road park with huge hill climbs, wet rocks, waterfalls, rivers and trails to run. What is normally a muddy trails and a small creek has bloated to near river proportions, with some areas of the "trail" deep enough to swallow even the biggest Jeep. Pete naturally signed up for the extreme trails.

The JKS 2 door took quite a beating, but as usual was hosed off at the end of the event and back on the road, driving Pete back to LA from Texas without a hitch. Check out these pictures below and keep your eyes peeled for the next JKS adventure! ( Click for even more Jeep Xperience photos)

JKS Jeep on the trail JKS Jeep going uphill JKS 2 Jeep door damage Pete View from inside of Jeep Jeep Friends Stuck Jeep JKS Jeep Side View JKS Jeep Front View JKS Jeep inside window view Jeep tire engulfed by river water Jeep river view from the inside